How to set the time on an Armitron WR165 Digital Watch

Since every instruction I could find on the Internet was wrong, I put up this page which is right. (At least it works for me.) You're welcome.

  1. Hold down MODE until hours flash
  2. Press ADJUST to set hours
  3. Press MODE seconds flash
  4. Press ADJUST to zero seconds
  5. Press ST/STOP minutes flash, ADJUST to set minutes
  6. Press ST/STOP date flashes, ADJUST to set date
  7. Press ST/STOP month flashes, ADJUST to set month
  8. Press ST/STOP day of week icon flashes, ADJUST to set day of week
  9. Press MODE to end

If you press ADJUST and then add ST/STOP you can cycle through alarm on/off, chime on/off.

If you press ST/STOP by itself (in time mode), the date will show.

4 March 2011